How to make VMX450 front fender saver

While practicing in backyard I hit a planter pot. My fender was cracked right under the number plate almost completely across.

I read that shoe goo was good for repairs of lexan so I got some of that. Next I took some scrap lexan from grocery packaging and glued that underneath fender to hold the two halves together. I let that dry. Finally, I took some scrap sheet metal that was just thin enough that I could bend it with plyers but not so easy to bend with hands.

I made the shape contour the fender, which was the hardest part and took a while, but a triangle shape is basic outline. It has 3 holes, one in front is mounted with a screw and nut, while back 2 holes will line up and be part of the stock mounting screws. I gave it some black spray paint and presto, it looks like part of the design.

So far its held up, but I also try not to crash into anything either! 😉


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