Ryan Villopoto 2011 Monster Energy replica VMX450

(Build log from 3/24/2011)

About a month of work on graphics program called Gimp, which is just like photoshop but free. Intent was to create a skin that I could put on outside of body. I almost did it. In the end to save on stress of it taking so long, I resorted to some painting of outside of body. Since I was going to paint that ugly white under the fenders, I painted the seat as well. I need some black but didnt have it, resorted to markers dang it.

I have no confidence in the sticker sheet material I purchased, so Im expecting this to be my basher body that wont last. In 2010, before I got my vmx, it was a toss up between villopoto’s bike and dungee’s. I went with #2 since vmx body was green anyways. The biggest issue was dealing with the amount of curves in the body. I ended up needed to make relief cuts in the stickers due to the different directions the stickers/body wrapped around.

Another concern is with painting the plastic frame. I went around to different stores: automotive, walmart, and office supply. I took a gamble and purchased a combo silver/gold set of paint pens at Staples office supply. A sample area looked ok so I started with the motor first. From there I just could seem to stop as it just didnt look right until frame was completely painted. Since the vmx body has a part of the frame (in black) going up to gas tank, I figured painting everything along with the graphics would look cool. You decide.


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