Tip: Use balloons as dust covers on suspension

Do you run your bike where dirt is really dry and dusty? It doesnt take long for your shock, forks, and steering damper to get messed up. Not only does the dust mix with the oil on the shafts messing up orings, it also mixes with oil inside, thereby changing performance of your bike. So, if you want to spend less time cleaning these parts, less time changing oil, then consider using balloons.

What you need is a package of assorted balloons. The small water balloons can be used on the steering damper covering the whole shaft and spring, while also being used on the rear shock underneath the shock spring. A longer balloon shape can be used on the forks to cover those as well. Zipties might be necessary to keep them on tight. Maybe you will find colors to match your paint scheme so its doesnt look so silly! You wont feel so silly though when your bike is covered in dirt but your suspension and steering damper are running clean and smooth underneath those balloons! 😉



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