Rumor: Is Traxxas making an rc dirt bike?

Rumor has it Traxxas might be working on a rc dirt bike (source: RCTVLIVE via facebook). So far, no images have been produced as proof. Unfortunately, the last time RCTVLIVE thought suggested this rumor was back in 2010 when they had a picture of an unknown bike. It later turned out to be Hobbyking’s QRF400, but they thought it might be from Traxxas.

If you look at how Traxxas sponsorships correlate to real rc products it makes sense that they would be making an rc dirt bike. Traxxas sponsorship includes TORC short course racing, NHRA drag racing, recently announced rally car, and most importantly Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki motocross racing team. Guess which sponsorship doesnt have an associated rc product? 😉 Traxxas even has dedicated pages for motocross and supercross racing news. Reports are up-to-date, such as current 2012 lucas oil motocross standings for the Traxxas sponsored riders like Blake Baggett and Broc Tickle

Its rather smart of Traxxas to get its foot in the door, so to speak, and have the sponsorship established beforehand. Not only does it get Traxxas name out there, but primes the market if in future they do release an rc dirt bike.

Hopefully, Traxxas does its homework and identifies that the best scale for an rc  dirt bike is 1/4 scale, that an e-gyro is very important, and the rider is strong yet not so heavy to make center of gravity too high. Now that Atomik (Venom) is rereleasing its bike as the Metal Mulisha 450 (MM450) and that bike has an e-gyro, Id say Traxxas has its work cut out for them!

So, what would a Traxxas rc dirt bike look like? Maybe something like the following full scale version? If it becomes reality, the next rumor to start is Team Associated (AE) and them sponsoring Justin Barcia, but that rumor is for another time lol. – JohnnyMc

kawasaki with traxxas graphics

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