Its official: Now shipping from Atomik, the Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha MM 450 R/C Dirtbike

Well its official!! Atomik has just announced that the Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha MM450 R/C Dirtbike is now shipping! This is a very exciting product for the hobby all around the world, but specifically I think for the US market. Congrats to Atomik and to all you lucky owners out there. 😉

Now, maybe your wondering what happened to the vmx450 by Venom? Venom has rebranded its rc line as Atomik, while Venom deals mostly with batteries. Either way, Atomik has stated that while the vmx450 is discontinued, the parts and service will continue. It has too, because the Atomik mm450 in large part is based on the vmx450, so a majority of the parts will still be needed for both bikes.


  1. WOW… looks SICK!!! I am so looking to pick one of these up… wonder if there are any other people in Houston, etc running these…

  2. Sorry Paul, but the MM450 is no longer being made so parts are disappearing. Other options include the ARX540, Skyrc SR4, Himoto MX400, Phantom400 from China, and Anderson M5 Cross.

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