Alpen Cup 2012 – Round 1 Edling, Germany

Round 1 of 3 of the Alpen Cup rc dirt bike race series was held June 23-24 at the grass track in Edling, Germany. Racing included 1/4 and 1/5 scale bikes including ARX540, VMX450, and Anderson M5 Cross (Duratrax DX450) with drivers coming from Austria and Germany.

Here is an excellent gallery of photos of the race action: The photos in this post come from that gallery with permission from Axel Mildebrath. Thank you Axel. Awesome photos!

Alpen Cup round 1 Edling race photo by Axel Mildebrath at

Since I live here in the USA, I asked the race winner Bernhard Renner if I could share his great write up on the weekend of racing. Thank you Bernhard!:

The first round is over.

Willi and me started early on Saturday, and arrived around 10am on the track. At that time, the track was still a little damp, but the pit area was already set-up and everyone was preparing his Bike.

We had 14 Starters in 1/4 class (2 or 3 VMX with eGyro, 1 QRF-based Prototype, the rest of the field was running ARx Bikes with AR, Manfred or homebuilt eGyro’s, 7 austrian drivers, 7 german drivers) Only 3 Bikes were running in 1/5 Class, all of them being Anderson M5 Bikes with Manfred eGyro. The only female driver Petra was running a brushed Motor!

This year they enlargened the track a little, by adding a corner on the far left side. So the laptimes went up a little, and we had to adjust our racing lines, to find the proper line into and out of the new corner. The weather was warm and sunny, and everybody was in a good mood. Willi and me did some necessary maintenance work, since we both did not find the time to prepare the bikes at home  

In the afternoon the first timed runs started. The 1/4 Class was divided in 3 groups, and we did 2 timed heats. The first was won by Willi, who did a clean run with 17 laps. 2nd place was me, and 3rd was Manfred.
In the second heat Willi crashed and twisted his forks, so I could take the win, also doing 17 laps. The rest of the 1/4 class was also running very consistent laps, with some new faces showing very good lap times.

After the second timed heat, the big BBQ started! All of the car drivers of the club appeared with their families, and when the sun went down a big Fire was lit (midsummer bonfire, says the online translator). So we sat near the fire, talked Bikes and stuff and had a good time!

Sunday morning again showed blue sky and no clouds – the signs of a perfect race day! The remains of last nights fire were still smoking, we could smell it all day  After waiting for the track to dry up from last nights dew, everybody ran one or two batteries for practise. Then we started another timed heat, which was again won by Willi (I think), but only 16 laps, so no new best time.

The 1/5 Class was dominated by Edmund, one of the bike veterans from MRT Rosenheim. He was pulling away easily, and was running very clean lines lap after lap. Behind him Reiner and Petra battled hard, with Reiner going for the “Full Power” Approach, going wide in every corner, and Petra doing a more direct line, using all of the power her brushed Motor could give.

Then it was time for the Finals!
1/5 Scale: Edmund did 3 clean runs, and took a deserved victory! Petra was able to get on second place, and Reiner got third.

1/4 Scale: The german drivers practised well, so it was only Willi and me in the A-Final, the rest of the austrian drivers had to race in the B-Final.

B-Finals: Rene Wolf started from 1st Position, and won the first 2 finals (taking the win of the B-Final). Walter won the third final, with a very clean run.


Final 1: Willi started from 1st Position, I started from second. I could close the gap pretty quick, and we battled for first position. At some point I crashed, and we finished the heat on Position 1 and 2, just a few seconds apart.

Final 2: Again, I could close the gap pretty quick, and we battled again. None was significantly quicker than the other, so we had fun trying to get on the inside line, forcing the other driver to leave some space. We had a small crash, but we could both drive on without a marshal. But this gave me something like 3 meters gap, which I tried to keep. Unluckily, Willi crashed at some point into one of the Tires that mark the corners, and broke his steering. At that point we were almost a full lap ahead of the field, so I could easily take the win.

Final 3: Different heat – same situation. Very hard battles between Willi and me, with one crash (the marshal launched us both at the same time), but one of the back markers (maybe he was on 3rd position, don’t know) crashed into me next corner. So I was 3 or 4 seconds behind Willi, with a little more than 4 Minutes to go. Willi took it a bit easier, so I could catch up until I was about 1 second (1 corner) behind him, then he went full speed again. Everyone of us going the tightest lines we could find, I was already accepting the fact that I was once again beaten by Willi, when he suddenly went too tight and crashed into one of the tires. So with a bit more than a minute to go, I was suddenly 1 second in front of Willi. I got a little nervous, but kept my pace, and did clean laps until the time was over – taking the Win of this final, and the Race! Wahoo! Manfred came third using his ARx based Prototype bike.

This is the first time Willi was beaten on this track – in the last 3 or 4 years, he always won it!

Everyone packed his stuff, we did a nice trophy ceremony, and then it was another 4 hour drive home.

1st Bernhard Renner, 2nd Willi Pichler, 3rd Manfred Hallmann. Photo curtesy Axel Mildebrath at


Round 2 will be held July 21-22 at the huge Track in Fehring, Austria!

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