How-to: Make a wheelie bar for ARX540

I dont have a lot of tools to make things so sometimes I have to think outside the box. I love it when I see somebody build a bike part out of something already made. When I saw some images of a wheelie bar on rcgroups, I thought it was very creative, functional, and inexpensive. It should save a lot of fenders out there!

Chris at (aka Throttlejunkie on rcgroups) was kind enough to share his idea with the community about a wheelie bar he made for his nitro ARX540. Since I do not own that bike I asked him to give some details about the wheelie bar. I think he’s given a lot of really helpful details that should get your bike’s fender protected for a long time. Here are the following notes from Chris:

I used hpi savage monster truck plastic upper arms (as the bar). They are the perfect length and fit for the arx. I just heated and bent them into the shape i wanted. If you wanted to get fancy you could use the rpm upper arms they are stronger & come in different colours. 🙂

I used an alloy wheel with a rubber tyre off a gpm wheelie bar for a hpi savage monster truck that i had laying around but you could use a small plane wheel or something similar so you don’t have to buy a wheel bar just for the wheel. It is mounted using the rear chassis bolt and I drilled a 3mm hole through both chassis plates 30mm in from the rear chassis hole in the middle of the chassis for the second mount point.

For mounting you will need these nuts & bolts.

1 (4x50mm) bolt to replace the original rear chassis bolt & use the original nut.

1 (3x50mm) nut & bolt for the second mount point on the chassis.

1 nut & bolt to mount the wheel, size depends on what wheel you use.

Then you have to heat & bend to shape & drill the 4mm holes in the arms for the 4mm bolt & use the holes that are already in the arms for the other bolts.

Wondering how it works? Check out his wheelie bar test video.

Thank you Chris!

One comment

  1. Very good and useful information! Great idea..
    This bikes are awesome and during wheeling learning it is a must to avoid plastics and driver damages!
    Thanks !

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