Benefits of E-gyro vs Mechanical Gyro

While my VMX450 sits in the garage dreaming of the day its mechanical gyro (m-gyro for this discussion) is replaced with an Atomik MM450 electric gyro (e-gyro / egyro), I decided to write down some of the benefits the change will have. Maybe you are shopping for a bike and notice one version has a m-gyro while another has an e-gyro option, like the difference between the Atomik MM450 or its father the VMX450. Other bikes out there, like the ARX540 by AR Racing, has both options available to choose from.

Do you need it? That may depend on your situation, and if your just bashing your bike around in an empty lot, a park, or side streets and are happy with performance then maybe not. It looks like the price of an e-gyro will cost $150 or more, so about the price of a new esc/motor, which in essence is what an e-gyro consists of, a motor, controller, and assorted parts. However you look at it, this will be the single most important and dramatic change in how your rc dirt bike will behave. Whats amazing is how it caters to both inexperienced or younger owners as well as to highly skilled owners looking to hit the local track and start some racing! In other words, ITS A GAME CHANGER FOR EVERYONE.

Below is a list of discussion points I’ve gathered from e-gyro bike owners including Chris Nicastro, designer of the MM450 / VMX450, from the motorcycle forum:

    – E-gyro is controlled by a (small) separate gyro esc and brushless outrunner motor that spins a flywheel inside rear wheel, while a mechanical gyro is powered by the rotation of rear wheel, with internal gears and clutch mechanism that spin the flywheel.
    – E-gyro is a completely independent system, so no mechanical drag on drive system from having to turn gears, which means faster spinning flywheel and a more efficient system.
    – Bike’s motor delivers power more consistently and on tap (based on your spur slipper setting), so throttle control should be better thanks to e-gyro running independently.
    – E-gyro keeps bike stable all the time so bike can go slow or fast whenever and for however long you want, so new drivers can learn easier, but a bike with m-gyro requires long straights to help maintain max flywheel speed so bike is stable.
    – E-gyro opens the door to racing on tracks now because long open straights on track are not required like with the m-gyro. E-gyro is running full speed all the time (until battery runs low) so bike has great balance everywhere. With m-gyro once bike gets into mid section of track with braking, turns, and jumps the gyro slows down and bike will begin to wobble, tank slap, and flip flop all over the place until track opens up with long straights again. (I know this from personal experience with the VMX450! It sucks.)
    – No connectors to receiver necessary.
    – Bike esc/motor should run cooler.
    – Bike can gear up motor pinion so faster speeds!
    – Runtimes are comparible thanks to e-gyro drawing less power once up to speed.
    – No gear maintainance, only bearings. (Hurray!)
    – No gyro clutch to adjust or tinker with. (Hurray!)
    – Runs off same battery that esc/motor does.

Back before when the VMX450 was released I had high hopes I would be running it around the local track making it look just like I was watching an mx national or supercross. Reality was much different. Now that I’ve seen videos from real owners of bikes with e-gyros, like from MM450 owners, Im convinced it will be possible now. You can see all the videos I’ve found so far on my youtube channel RCDIRTBIKEACTION. Time to get racing going!


  1. I have the VMX with egyro. Its a game-changer and a MUST have for every single VMX owner. Been running it everyday since it arrived! I own many special and unique hopped up RC and by far the eVMX gets the most stick time. Basically you can drive it anywhere – tight turns, crazy stabililty, mad power and durability.

  2. Yes, the elusive e-gyro upgrade kit for the VMX. Good to hear how much its changed the bike. You are very, very lucky. There is a long list of VMX owners who have been waiting for this for a long time, especially for us that purchased the vmx day one and had to deal with the plastic gears in the mechanical gyro. There would probably be groups slowly forming around the US getting together to have fun and race these bikes if that egyro was availalbe from the beginning. Oh well, it is what it is, now its time for Atomik to just release the kit already.
    Thanks for posting. Enjoy!

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