How-to: Setup front brake kit for MM450 and VMX450

This how-to is for the setup of the Atomik front disk brake kit for MM450 and VMX450 after it has been installed. This is more about the setup of the kit after it has been installed. Tips will come later in another post. Setup help provided by Chris Haertel, so thank you Chris!

So, first thing to do is follow the instruction sheet that comes with the kit and get the brake mounted. Once installation is complete and you have disk on front wheel, caliper/pads put together, cable routed, and servo all bolted in, its time to set it up.

To set up the brakes leave the servo horn off to start. Set up the cable as per instructions. Turn on the radio and bike (disconnect one gyro ESC wire to stop the gyro spinning up) turn on the AUX channel switch on top of the radio. Go into the brake mix BR_MIX (#11 in the menu) and turn it on and set this to 110 to start. Go into the EPA settings and set channel 3 high end to 120% and the low end to 0%. Fit the servo horn getting rid of as much free play in the cable as possible without causing any binding of the brake. Spin the front wheel and then adjust up the low end until the pads just rub and back off until the wheel moves free. Use this low end EPA adjustment to keep the pads close to the disk. As they wear, adjust this % until you run out of adjustment then return the setting to zero and either adjust the cable or the servo horn position. Check and make sure the pads are still ok. Final setting of brake strength is done with the brake mix %. The higher the % the greater the strenght of front brake. Try not to use over 110% with the std servo.

The kit may not give you super stoppie power but it does make a difference and for the price, I think it adds one more aspect to these rc bikes that makes it behave more like a real bike. It sure was cool seeing the front end come down from the forces of the bike as bike came to a stop. There are some mods to help give the brake more power that I’ll write about but for now, enjoy it and practice with the new settings.

[UPDATE 4-30-2015]

If your brake pads need replacing, read the how-to on replacing the brake pads in this link.


  1. Hi
    Thanks for the great info aadjusting the brakes
    My pads are getting very low. Any idea where to get just new pads ?

  2. Hi Peter,
    I am in same situation. The suggestion others have used is to find some fiberglass sheet and cut your own replacements. They would be same shape as the metal that the softer material sticks to, so the fiberglass pad replaces both. Take care working with fiberglass such as wearing correct mask and containment of fiber dust! Hacksaw will not throw dust in air like a dremmel will. Here is a detailed post about it that I will use for how-to:

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