Ryan Villopoto 2013 replica started

If you haven’t read my previous blog posts, I own an Atomik (was Venom) VMX450, which I turned the original rider and body into a replica of Ryan Villopoto’s (RV) 2010 graphics. Recently I upgraded my vmx with the e-gyro kit. Once the kit came out I wanted to rebuild by bike with all the mods on the site, like big bore shock, rebuild forks, buy new body, and replace vmx rider “Vinnie” with the new mm450 “Deegan” rider due to foam being stiffer. Once I purchased everything, I just needed some motivation and wait to see what the 2013 RV bike would look like.

It was a very tough choice between RV’s 2012 graphics and the new 2013 that came out at round 1 of supercross this first weekend of January. As much as I like the 2012 with the black/white zig zags, Ive decided to go current with the 2013, plus it looks a little easier to paint lol. Here’s a pic of RV’s 2013 bike I will try to replicate with my VMX450:
RV's 2013 bike

A few things I wont be doing due to limitations is the blue bits on his bike like the hubs and triple clamps. Im keeping the fork tubes gold where his are silver. Im not in the mood to do all that so I got Atomik’s aftermarket aluminum triple clamps in red, but have stripped them and polished them. Not fun but did learn a lot so its all good. So my front forks are gold/silver. I picked up some lexan paints, including Tamiya flourescent green. So, yesterday while I was waiting for supercross to start, I wanted to see how the green turned out with front fender. I did a few nice good coats so its not so much flourescent as it is bright green. I backed it with white, then backed that with green so underneath fender you dont see white (I hate that) but green so it looks realistic. In fact, the color looks like a perfect match.

Im trying something new by painting the front number plate so not sure how long it will last but it will look good for photoshoot at least lol. Im keeping the wheels black except going silver with hubs. My bike already has the frame painted silver from 2 years ago so thats already done with some minor touch ups. Lots to do still but the front end is put together at least so finally progress is being made.

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