gallery Deeganator – Rise of the mini Deegan machines

Ever wondered why mini Deegan rider figure for Atomik’s MM450 was so strong? Chip, aka WValtakis2 over on the forums, figured it out! Deegan isnt a human figurine at all, but a terminator! That explains why the Deegan figure has such a stiff upright stance and never sticks his legs out in the turns, he’s a robot haha.

Ok, so Chip not only did that but Deeganator has working red eyes, a robot hand, and hmm…a peg leg, yeah thats what I said a peg leg. Other cool mod includes a real working headlight for some desert night runs. Not sure why he needs that since Deeganator should have night vision haha. 😉 Here is Chip’s discussion thread at

Thanks for sharing Chip!

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