gallery Look Back: 2006 German Ricky Race Gallery

Check out this gallery of photos from 2006 of a rc dirt bike race series in Germany running the Radioshack Ricky Carmichael 1/4 scale rc dirt bike. Proof that any rc dirt bike is capable of racing, even the old Ricky bike over six years ago! No e-gyros, just a bunch of guys with the desire to have some fun and go bar-to-bar racing. (Come on bike owners, racing is possible if we try!)

Look closely at those photos. You see any hop-ups on those Ricky bikes? At least one bike is running an aluminum swingarm, usd forks, and chain conversion driven by Antonio Berera, engineer at AR Racing. Those hop-ups would help transform the Ricky bike into the AR Racing ARX540 1/4 scale dirt bike a year or so later.

Special thank you to Antonio Berera of AR RACING for permission to use the photos in this gallery. You can check out the ARX540 at AR Racing website:
You can read the original 2006 rcgroups forum topic here:

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