Ryan Villopoto 2013 Replica Atomik MM450 Completed

After 2 months of work, both rider and bike are DONE! Yipee! Finally I can get out there and move on to having fun and enjoying it instead of just staring at it lol. My goal was to raise the bar on my previous 2010 Ryan Villopoto replica you can see HERE and HERE. I think I did a better job. At least this time the body was clear so I got it painted underneath. The 2010 replica looked ok for a bit, but it wasn’t proper as it was paint, sticker sheets and permanant marker covering the outside of a stock painted vmx body. I could have finished everything sooner but with family and work I just didnt have the motivation some days/weeks to do much.

Special thanks to rcgroup members Chktm (Chris H.) and Throttlejunkie (Chris @ ExtremeNitroHobbies) for all your help on these bikes plus the special polished adjusters and lower shock mount. This bike is running a full bearing kit by Fast Eddy Bearings, so a big thank you for getting the absolute best bargain anywhere for bearings on this bike. Finally thank you to shops like 2wheelhobbies.com, forums like rcgroups, and to all the rc dirt bikers getting involved and helping the hobby grow.

So here are sample photos of RV from Round 1 of Supercross this year at Anaheim wearing Thor Phase Coil gear.
motocross.transworld.net photo
www.dirtrider.com photo

Now feast your eyes on mine (note: the thumbnail photos cut off portions of photos, click to see bigger ones)…


  1. Thanks Mike. I went to a local car window tint shop and just asked if I could have a little bit of mirrored tint for a project. Then I cut out some lexan in shape of goggles with little tabs on the ends that stick into the foam to hold it in. I did this so tint is kept perfectly smooth. Then just glued on the tint to the plastic and mounted it.

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