How-to: Wheelie Bar for Anderson M5 / Duratrax DX450

Here is a cheap, easy way to add a wheelie bar to your M5 or DX450 rc dirt bike. I had some 1/4 inch nylon “6/6″ rod leftover from other bike projects. The rod will mount through two 1/4” holes that I drilled out of the rear body mount. I measured the distance from the body mount to a spot just past the rear fend of the body. The length will be twice this plus maybe an inch to allow for the rod to curve back. The length I used was about 9 inches. You do need a heat source to allow the rod to take the new shape. I used a heatgun, but maybe even a hair dryer on hot will work but the problem is its not concentrated heat like those heatguns are. I just heated up the spots I wanted to give it a square shaped 180 degree “U” shape.

The rod ends will slip into two 1/4″ holes drilled out of the stock plastic rear body mount. If you look at the mount from the top you will see that there are three holes, with the center hole for mounting the body (with a screw). The other left/right holes Im not sure what they were intended for but I will use those to secure the rod ends. So, I needed two 1/4″ holes to slip the rods into and positioned the holes so they are directly under the top left and right unused holes of body mount.

Finally I slipped the rods through the 1/4″ holes I drilled. Next I found some small screws that could bore into the rod and hold it in place. Total cost was maybe $5! I order nylon rod material here:

Tip: If your doing wheelies on road these will wear down pretty quick. I never tried it but you could slip on a bearing to act as a little wheel. Might even give off sparks that way haha. In the photos the screws used to hold the rods in place are just hiding under velcro that is for securing body to mounts.

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