Custom Nitro Atomik MM450

Check out the first ever custom nitro Atomik MM450 by Chris, aka Throttlejunkie, of Chris started out with an AR Racing nitro ARX540 a couple years ago but after a while he couldn’t resist the purchase of an Atomik MM450. He really likes the handling of the MM450 on dirt with the tire inserts, direct steering, and suspension but wanted his nitro ARX540 to handle the same way as the MM450. So he took the frame of his ARX540 running a hpi g3.0 .18 engine and the rest of the bike is a MM450.

The front end is from the Atomik MM450 all the way up to the plastic steering stem bracket that mounts to the frame plates. The multi link steering of the ARX was removed and a custom neck from 3 aluminum pieces was made to allow for the MM450 steering bracket to screw into. Because the steering servo is on the left for the ARX, the steering damper bracket on the MM450 was switched to the left fork and a notch was cut out of the upper triple clamp.

The entire rear end of the MM450 was used including front/rear sprocket, chain, swing arm, shock, wheel, and egyro system. The only difference is the MM450 was designed with a separate swing arm pivot and layshaft used for the spur gear and front sprocket. On the other hand, the ARX540 has the layshaft and swing arm pivot as a single unit, so the MM450 swing arm is now setup on the ARX driveshaft just like an original ARX swing arm would be. The MM450 swing arm wasn’t designed for this so it will be interesting to see how it works out. The front sprocket is the older VMX450 sprocket that used a grub screw instead of the newer MM450 pinned front sprocket and was turned around to line up the chain with rear sprocket. A notch was made on the ARX540 layshaft for the new grub screw placement. Finally, the top rear shock mount was moved up and forward to accommodate for the MM450 shock and a small 2s battery powers the gyro.

As if that wasn’t enough for us to drool over, Chris knocked this build into space when he created some replica 2013 Ricky Carmichael Suzuki RMZ450 graphics, painted a new yellow body, detailed the wheels and swingarm, and painted the rider with matching yellow with Createx airbrush paints. AMAZING.

You can follow the discussion on rcgroups here. Also, check out the first two test runs of the bike in the videos below. Awesome job Chris and thanks for sharing!

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