video Videos by Chris Haertel

I check youtube almost daily for the latest rc dirt bike videos. By far, the most active user is my friend Chris Haertel, releasing videos faster than I can keep track of at times lol. Now that he has a new gopro, along with some handy editing apps, his videos are looking (and sounding) better than ever. It seems with each new video Chris is able to capture something new. The Atomik MM450 rc dirt bike is his bike of choice so if you search for MM450 videos on youtube, chances are you’ve come across some of his. If your a fan of the hobby, no matter what bike you own, his videos are worth a watch!

This hobby is small enough that each owner can have an impact helping the hobby grow, be it small or great. Whether its making custom parts or just sharing setups, we are all giving out waves of influence that helps expand the hobby’s influence. I think Chris is one of those that has a big impact for the hobby in general, but more so for Atomik and the MM450 community. Not only is he so generous in sharing his bike settings, but also his driving skills are amazing. Combine his driving ability with his passion for the hobby and full scale motocross and it all comes together to give viewers some of the best rc dirt bike action available. He makes it look effortless in the same way a pro motocross rider makes racing outdoors look easy. Chris’s ability to demonstrate how well these bikes can run when in the right hands is a great thing for this hobby.

In the last year his videos have shown that the Atomik MM450 can handle a lot of situations that just havn’t been demonstrated or at least caught on video to show off. With over 140 to choose from, videos include motocross style berm blasting on his backyard track, climbing rock piles, and more recently big jump sessions at a construction site. Some of my all time favorites of any rc dirt bike are some of his recent ones including a session at a construction site with some amazing jumping, and then some earlier ones from a dusty, blown out, 1/8 buggy track. Those track videos prove that these bikes can perform like a real motocross bike with a lot of practice and the right setup. Hopefully one day we’ll see him racing it up and no doubt lapping the poor competition. That will be fun to watch when it happens. You can visit Chris Haertel’s Youtube channel at


Tiny sample of some of my favorites that come to mind…
– Outdoor fun: hill climbs, construction site, rock piles

– Buggy Track

– Backyard tracks:

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