Ryan Villopoto 2011 replica Duratrax DX450

Just finished up a quick replica (almost) of Ryan Villopoto from 2011 on my Duratrax DX450 1/5 scale rc dirt bike, aka Anderson M5 Cross. I say almost because there are some things different like the seat colors, the fork guards, fork brand (was KYB in 2011, not Showa) and the rear fender. Other than that, hey its a replica alright! 😀 Graphics are done on top of a pre painted stock green body. The swingarm, brake discs, front wheel, and handle bars are painted silver using oil based paint pens. The stock number plate annoyed the hell out of me so I cut the sides down and used it as a mount for a new modern shaped plate. The rider is gone unfortunately – bike came with a red colored rider when I bought it but it took too much damage at the local track. Im saving my money for other things so I decided not to buy a rider to complete the look. If I was shopping for one, it would have to be a hpi rider.

This DX450 was my second bike, after my VMX450, and was purchased on ebay about 2 years ago as a used roller chassis. I couldn’t tell from the ebay pictures, plus owner didn’t mention it, but every shaft on the bike was bent so he must have launched it 10′ in the air that jerk. The original red body had both fenders ripped off too. I mainly got it because at the time I was fed up with the mechanical gyro in the VMX and from all the videos I saw, the one thing the DX450 had going for it was a strong gyro. It was still a good learning experience. Being 1/5 it really needs soft surfaces like short grass or loamy dirt conditions.

Everything I learned about the bike was from reading hundreds of pages of comments on Rcgroups about the Anderson M5 and the DX450 when it was released in 2009 I think. Some of the main issues with the stock bike that Ive read include not having a wheelie bar, headshake at high speeds with the stock spring steering (no damper), stock forks didn’t absorb bumps very well (not oil filled), and rear shock wasn’t suited for the heavy rear gyro. Those were the first to be addressed when I got the bike. I had a spare flysky radio and ezrun 8.5t(4000kv) esc/motor combo so I just used that. If racing was happening with these bikes I would have upgraded, but the 4000kv was ok, but not as fast as some Ive seen on youtube with screaming motors in the 5000-6000k range.

Here are the upgrades on the bike:
– Full carbon fiber frame
– Front aluminum oil filled forks
– Revo rear shock
– Aluminum gyro flywheel
– Steering damper upgrade
– Alleven front fender saver
– Homemade rear wheelie bar

Well, that’s about it for me and this bike I think. I know theres still a lot of M5/DX450 fans out there so hope you like the photos.

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