Ryan Dungey Redbull KTM Replica Atomik MM450

Check out this sweet looking Atomik MM450 replica of Ryan Dungey Redbull/KTM by Dave Naylor (edge_pilot on rcgroups) of Lagrange, Ohio. Dave is a fan of KTM bikes and also follows Redbull’s antics so Ryan Dungey #5 was a perfect choice for detailing his MM450. Dave went all out on the details and it looks like every little part has been touched, from the orange bike frame to the red mirrored goggles. But lets go over them more.

The bike frame, sprockets, and triple tree parts are all painted with Krylon Fusion paint made for plastic. Dave reports that the paint is very thin paint, but with patience it turns out pretty nice and durable. The bike has all the upgrades to make this bad boy run great including big bore rear shock, Alleven micro chain, Alleven chain adjuster, front brake, Fast Eddy’s bearing kit, metal triple tree parts, ugraded front axle, etc, etc.

First thing I noticed on the rider was the red mirrored goggles. The rider’s orange paint is not Createx airbrush paints, but paint for polycarbonate bodies. Createx was to thin and hard to get good coverage so Dave experimented with the polycarb paints. Dave says it gets all wrinkly at first but when it dries it will shrink and tighten up and look excellent. However, the silver, blue, black, and gray are all createx paints. In order to get the bright colors, Dave primed with white before he started with any of the colors. The graphics are all waterslide decals that he made and says they conform to the bodies “wrinkles” and “curves” better than self stick decals. An adhesion promoter was used over the decal while applying to give it more durability. Here’s a link to the waterslide decal paper Dave uses:

Great job Dave and thanks for sharing! Now for some photos:


  1. killer job on dungey dave,looks great im waiting for kawasaki decals from TJ.ill post pics when done.

  2. Yeah Dave’s bike looks great. Good luck with your bike Mike. Can’t wait to see another green bike with TJ’s stickers!

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