Tip: Check E-gyro Stator Wires on Atomik MM450

The e-gyro stator (motor), in the back wheel of the Atomik MM450, has 3 wires that exit the right side of the wheel and go up the swingarm to the gyro esc. The space for these wires to exit the rear wheel is limited and the wires need to exit out as tight and straight from the hub as possible. Also, there is the red spacer inside the rear wheel (on left side of e-gyro hub) that if it is too wide, can push the bearings out of pocked. With these two issues it is possible the spinning wheel and bearing can rub off the wire insulation, allowing an electrical short to the stator and gyro ESC!

So if you see signs of your gyro glitching or not working, then these wires coming out of the wheel should be a priority to inspect. Contact Atomik for warranty service if your e-gyro system isn’t working. Atomik seems to be aware of the issues as they have acknowledged there is an update to the MM450 ARR version (currently out of stock) to be released soon that improves tolerances on the red spacer and stator wiring. Its great to see Atomik backup the bike with great warranty and be responsive to addressing design or manufacturing issues, so good job Atomik!

For current owners here are some suggestions to fix this:
– Check your red spacer length http://www.rcdirtbikeaction.com/658/tip-check-length-of-atomik-e-gyro-red-spacer/
– TopDave on RCGroups, “Make sure you route the wires straight out of the wheel all the way to the swing arm , then bend the wires 90* at the swing arm forward to the ESC. Also correct the side play issue now while the wheel is apart.”
– Davehour on RCGroups, “I used steel reinforced epoxy on the area to make it stronger and less prone to that. What I did was, applied epoxy on the wires and shaft, installed the bearing with a bit of oil applied on its inner race, and removed the excess of epoxy after the bearing was seated. When the epoxy cured, I removed the bearing and a good and strong epoxy area was molded.”
– CHktm on RCGroups, “I used some devcon plastic steel to build up over the wiring and then filed it down so the bearing was a tight fit.”
mm450 stator wire fix

Example of wire insulation worn off causing a short:

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