RCX Expo 2013

The RCX Expo 2013 was held June 1st – 2nd at the Long Beach Convention Center. In terms of rc bikes, it was sort of a joint effort to promote rc bikes and promote 2WheelHobbies.com. This was my first rc expo and I got to meet the SoCal Rc Riders, Dwayne and Larry, plus Bruce of 2WheelHobbies all for the first time. Lito wasn’t able to make it the first day and Jimmy was not available to make it, so that was a bummer and I was only there Saturday. We had two scheduled and two unscheduled demos of the bikes on Saturday outside where the big 3d heli demoes were setup. We had a great little spot setup behind the big boys, with NitroRCX on our left and Novak to our right and then NitroRCX’s popular drift track was right across from us. Lots of foot traffic so it was hard to miss the bikes.
2wheelhobbies rcx2013 3

I was a little nervous at first but it was pretty casual affair. Our demoes were 15 minutes long out in this big parking area in front of the huge hangar doors of the center with chain link fencing around it that was setup for 3d heli’s mostly. I brought my Atomik MM450 while Bruce and Dwayne both had some street bikes as well as Atomik bikes. I tried to follow the road bikes having fun, drifting around (with my knobby tires), however I could tell the wheelies got the most reactions. I got pretty stupid with them too, and by the last session of the day I broke off my custom wheelie bar and somehow my front brake disk got bent. Hopefully some people noticed the bikes.
2wheelhobbies rcx2013 2

Besides the 2WheelHobbies.com booth, the only other bike on display at the RCX was at the NitroRCX booth next to us with the Himoto Racing MX400 dirt bike. I tried walking around with my bike to see if I could drum up any reaction from vendors. Talked to a younger guy at Traxxas who liked my bike but I didn’t get the impression he was high up in management. I did have an interesting conversation with someone at the Team Associated / AE booth and he even recognized my Ryan Villopoto bike from the current July issue of RC Car Action. It sounds like they have a prototype rc dirt bike, but the amount of details they wanted made it too expensive. I think that if a company like Traxxas pulls the trigger and gets involved, AE wouldn’t be far behind if they saw the hobby take off.
2wheelhobbies rcx2013 1

After the event I learned that there was actually another rc biker at the RCX over at a demo area setup for Ultimate Hobbies out of Orange, California www.ultimatehobbies.com. Losi, Horizon, and TLR used the area so there were some big 1/5 trucks jumping the ramps. Dave was launching his Atomik MM450 and posing his Deegan rider in some funny positions for what looked like a great FMX show. Below are some photos Dave was willing to share, so thank you Dave and Ultimate Hobbies. You can check out his photo album HERE.

(Updated)Videos from the day, first is from Dwayne and the second is from a spectator:

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