Atomik MM450 Delayed

If you’ve been looking to buy the Atomik RC MM450 dirt bike (ARR is only version going forward) your going to have to wait a bit longer. Atomik stated back in early spring they made some small changes to the bike to improve reliability – tighten the tolerances on the gyro, adjust the cone washer and use a slightly thicker PTFE washer. According to an Atomik rep, they received the shipment this last week but found some issues relating to the ESC. The ESC was suppose to be the same version so its unclear why they are having issues with it now. Expect a delay of at least 1-2 months minimum according to Atomik. (Emphasis on minimum – so double that time in my experience) I’ll update once status changes.

PS: I noticed that the e-gyro upgrade kit is missing from the site, so it’s not clear if that will come back once these issues are sorted out, or if VMX450 owners would need to buy the parts separately in the future.

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