Alpencup 2013 – Round 1 Edling, Germany

Round 1 of of the Alpen Cup rc dirt bike race series was held June 22-23 at the grass track in Edling, Germany. Racing included 1/4 and 1/5 scale bikes with 14 drivers in total. Weather appeared to be good. There were 3 finals with best 2 races counting towards overall. After the finals they had some fun and did a Gentleman race, or Last Man Standing race, with all 14 riders with no turn marshals so once your bike stopped you were out of the race. After 5 minutes, take outs were permitted.

Final Standings after Round 1:
1/4 Scale
1 Bernhard Renner
2 Bonetsmüller Helmut
3 Manfred Mann Hall

1/5 Scale
1 Edmund Schmidt
2 Marcel Böhm
3 Petra Hofmann

Here is a google translated link (to English) at motorradforum about the race

Photo album of the event is up on Rene’s picasa web album

Here is a video from the Last Man Standing fun race. There are some great take outs, especially one at 4:08 time!

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