MM450 E-gyro Updates

In 2012 Atomik released the MM450 with e-gyro. Some e-gyros had tolerance issues which Ive posted about before (red spacer length, flywheel balancing, stator wires rubbing on wheel bearing) with solutions. In early 2013, Atomik stated the MM450 e-gyro would be improved to help with tolerances and reliability. For a couple of months the bike was on backorder while the updates were made. Atomik is selling the MM450 again with those changes.

If you purchased your MM450 as a new ARR package this late summer and it did not have an e-gyro ESC included (listed as a required item instead), then that bike should have the updated version 2 (V2) e-gyro inside back wheel. Any bike purchased prior to this lets just call it a version 1 (V1) e-gyro. If gyro works, there’s no need to change to a V2, especially if you’ve followed my other posts on improving tolerances yourself. If it needs servicing and you’re not sure what you have, just compare it to the photos below. Here are the following parts that Atomik made tolerance / design changes to:
– e-gyro red spacer
– e-gyro stator motor
– e-gyro flywheel

The tricky part is not knowing what version of a part you get when shopping – even from Atomik. I would suggest calling Atomik if you have a specific request. If you end up buying parts for your e-gyro in the future you need to be aware that mixing V1 or V2 gyro parts can shift things around and will require shimming. 12mm shimming material of 1mm thickness was mentioned in discussion links below.

The discussion and photos of these changes were made by David Hourston, aka davehour on RCGroups, so a big THANK YOU to David for sharing with the community! The topic starts on pg 244 of the RCGroups MM450 bike thread. Topics change so the following are the individual posts by David regarding the changes:
Post 3658
Post 3660
Post 3703
Post 3730

Photos by David Hourston:

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