Show Off: Chad Reed 2013 replica Atomik MM450

Chris at Extreme Nitro Hobbies in Australia presents his Chad Reed 2013 replica Atomik MM450 rc dirt bike. The body graphics are made by Chris and he’s the man for putting out some amazing decal sheets available on his website and available here in the US at Its just amazing how rc dirt bikes can transform from black molded plastic parts into awesome looking replica’s of the best racers in the world. Chris gave attention to every little part on the bike, from the red wheel hubs, white radiator guards, white grips, and red handlebar clamps just to name a few aside from the silver painted frame and swingarm. The rider wasn’t spared from Chris’s attention either as Chad Reed is sporting his iconic bright yellow and blue colored Shift gear just like he wore this year racing. The details are everywhere on the gear with sponsor logos and even a hilarious set of Chad’s own eyes in the goggles. Amazing job Chris!


  1. Thanks John, i was inspired to do a replica by your awesome RV bikes, you are the master & i am the grasshopper lol.
    Thanks for the post.

    Cheers mate.

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