New Release: Phantom 400 1/4 RC Dirt Bike

It appears a new 1/4 scale rc dirt bike has been released over in China/Asia markets by the name of Phantom 400. It is not so much new, but more of an updated version of the QRF400, hence the “400” in the name. The QRF400 was sold by HobbyKing about two years ago and was only available for about one year. This new Phantom 400 has some changes to the design including: e-gyro in back wheel, direct steering, and maybe some small changes to the frame maybe. The source information indicates scale is 1:5 but all measurements are consistent with 1:4 scale bikes. UPDATE: I have a PHANTOM400 page in the BIKES menu with more photos.

Here are a few videos of the bike demonstrating the e-gyro:

Thanks Throttlejunkie for the info. Source Link: Phantom400 product information page


  1. It’s a 1/4 scale model? I’m ignorant of the true dimensions of a true/actual motorcycle of this type, but the height of the rider figure suggests that he’s 1/5 scale. It’s strange!

  2. Yeah, well don’t feel bad Vance because the makers of this bike don’t know either. Its listed for sale everyone as 1/5 but its 1/4 scale. Its based on the AR Racing ARX540 which is 1/4.

  3. It looks like this bike, like the HobbyKing before it, has been removed from the market. I have had *um* issues with it. ZD Racing (the maker) is not supporting it with replacement parts anymore, AFAIK. I need a new e-gyro! A vender in China took a payment from me but after 7 weeks of waiting time, and counting, I contacted them (Y.E.S Shop, on They offered no explanation. They just refunded my money.

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