Atomik MM450 “On Hold”

An email sent out by Atomik recently had the MM450 advertised as the leading product with the message “Get-em Before There Gone!” indicating only 47 units left. What did that mean? Questions sprang up in the RCGroup forum wondering if the bike was being discontinued. What about the status of the bike finally being available later this year from the new distributor in Australia?

Officially, Atomik has not discontinued the MM450. Its been known for a while that there’s been issues with the manufacturer of the gyro ESC. That didn’t stop Atomik from selling the bike without that part. Apparently other issues have come up though. A question regarding the status of MM450 came up on Atomik’s Facebook page and this was the response, “We are having problems with the factory that was producing the bike and the eGyro ESC. We have not abandoned the project but it is currently on hold until these problems are sorted out..” Unfortunately, for those of you in Australia eager to see the bike distributed there, it appears the “on hold” status goes for you as well.

Hopefully whatever these factory issues are can be resolved soon and the MM450 can continue in 2014. This bike keeps coming back so I am staying positive. Unless Atomik says its discontinued, then its still alive in my books so Im staying positive and so should you.

Here’s that email sent out:
atomik mm450 get them before there gone

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