MM450 Setup: Chris Haertel


DRIVER: Chris Haertel
BIKE: Atomik MM450
YEAR: 2013
TERRAIN: Hardpacked dirt surfaces / tracks.

Springs: stock
Shock Oil: 30 wt when newer to 40wt when older – Team Losi oil
Mods: fork air bleeders

Brand: HPI Vorza 16mm big bore front
Spring: mm450 stock
Shock Oil: 1 cap 1000wt mugen diff oil added to 60wt Team Losi oil
Preload: 42mm spring length
Piston: 6 hole, 1.2mm
Pivot Angle: 2nd hole from rear
Mods: Alum lower mount, alum upper frame brackets, travel restricted with a 5mm solid bump stop.

Springs: stock
Shock Oil: 60 wt Team Losi oil
Piston: stock
Mods: shaft end screwed out 1/2 turn

Pinion Gear: 12 or 13t
Spur Gear: stock 68T
Front Sprocket: 9T (from DX450/Anderson M5)
Rear Sprocket: stock 32T
Slipper Setting: A little slip, just enough to reduce snap wheelies, still enough to wheelie.
Chain: stock

MTCS: A/Neutral
Swingarm: 3.5mm droop
Crashbar Length: 240mm – 250mm
Crashbar Type: 1/4″ 6/6 nylon

Front Tire: stock mx1
Front Insert: stock-yellow
Rear Tire: stock mx1
Rear Insert: stock-yellow

Servo: stock and Hitec HS 82MG
Cable: 1.2mm bicycle cable and rc antenna for cable cover
Brake Pads: custom fibreglass or carbon fiber
Brake Disk: stock

Motor: stock 550 4200kv and 4800kv
ESC: stock 80a and Hobbyking 100amp
Gyro Esc: stock 30a
Steering Servo: Savox SC 0254 MG
Battery: Turnigy 5200 30c or 5000 20c
Radio: Atomik 3ch VR3T

– Ricky Carmichael “Team RCH” graphics by
– Fast Eddy Bearings Full bearing kit for Atomik MM450.
– Custom wheelie bar.
– Foot pegs removed and rider legs held close to bike with rubber bands.
– The steering is limited so the bike arcs the fastest corner on the track without over steering. The throttle is limited to be comfortable for me, usually 75 to 80%. The brakes are set on the soft side so I can pull full brakes without the front or rear wheels locking, the rear will still drift out while turning in.

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