Racing Videos – Rc Dirt Bike vs SC Trucks

Here are some videos to inspire you to try something new! Ever dream of racing your rc dirt bike against other types of rc vehicles? Are there no other rc dirt bikes in your area to race? If your into racing and love rc dirt bikes, these two questions may have crossed your mind. They have for me! So what if you have a local track easy enough to make laps around on your rc bike? Consider asking the race track coordinator if you can join in one of the classes. Ideally you would look for a 2wd class of buggies or short course trucks. I think any form of 4wd or 1/8 will just be too fast to race against though. Given the current circumstances of so few rc dirt bike owners around, racing other vehicles may get your adrenaline going for racing, but also could lead to others at the track taking an interest in bikes and could someday race rc dirt bikes together. Getting out there is the only way!

The driver is Chris Haertel and the bike is the Atomik MM450. I believe Chris was having transponder issues this day. The track was not watered and in dusty conditions an rc dirt bike with e-gyro may have an advantage in grip. Track does have a few tricky sections, but also has a large double jump made for 1/8 that the sc trucks couldnt make but the mm450 could so certain sections a bike may have an advantage on. Chris is an ace driver so the videos give you an idea of what to expect. Chris has shared his bike setup to help all of us mm450 owners out and is HIGHLY recommended.

Congrats Chris H. for your efforts, sharing these videos, and demonstrating these bikes are legit on the track. Im sure someday I will be posting a video of him winning his final.





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