Show Off: Yamaha VMX450 from Thailand

I found a rc dirt bike discussion on – a message forum for rc enthusiasts living in Thailand. Unfortunately, since I do not know Thai language, I hope the owner does not mind me posting these because this bike looks too good not to share. User name is NATTA696, and the bike is a VMX450 bike with custom Yamaha graphics. The first thing you cannot miss though, is the unreal front spoked rim. First photo I saw I thought the picture of a real bike was photoshopped for fun it looks that real. Im not sure if the front forks are stock with the gold stripped off or if the forks are another brand. Also, it appears the owner has a Skyrc SR4 full rear wheel (with e-gyro) installed on the VMX450 swingarm. It all comes together to make a great looking realistic rc dirt bike. Its great to see as much creativity and interest with rc dirt bikes in other parts of the world as I do in the English forums. Great job NATTA696.

Click to view full size:

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