Atomik MM450 No Longer Available

Based on the Atomik website for the Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha MM450 1/4 scale rc dirt bike, the availability of this great rc dirt bike is now listed as “NO LONGER AVAILABLE” with a price of “ITEM DISCONTINUED.” Most parts are still available on Atomik’s website or other stores online, but for how long? Some part seem to be missing or very low on stock – Deegan foam rider, rear mx tires, and rear mx tire inserts.

This is horrible news, both personally as an owner and as a supporter of the hobby. This was the first 1/4 scale rc dirt bike distributed here in the USA. Yeah, the Duratrax DX450 has been around, but it is 1/5 scale and performance isn’t quite the same being a smaller scale. While this hobby is ultra stubborn to grow, I think the MM450 was starting to make a push with all the cool things owners were showing off: videos, replica bikes, and taking the bike out to local tracks to demonstrate the potential of rc dirt bikes. Not to mention, Australia was on the verge of distributing the bike.

The bike pushed the design and features of rc dirt bikes to new standards thanks to the designer Chris Nicastro. Apparently when Chris left Atomik, the sole of rc bikes left the company as well. The MM450 gave a lot of rc dirt bike enthusiasts, for the first time, the chance to experience a bike with e-gyro stability (myself included). The MM450 still stands as a true innovation being the only rc dirt bike with fully designed tire inserts. As Atomik says goodbye to this bike and inserts, it will be up to we MM450 owners to find alternatives to keep the bike stabilized and roosting the dirt. Places where parts were already scarce, like in Australia, owners already have examples on how to make inserts and tires from other products. I will be forced to use those techniques as well and will share them.

Thank you Chris Nicastro for designing something so cool and unique. You designed a badass rc dirt bike! Hopefully, some day we will see a better bike from a mainstream rc manufacturer and give this hobby a big push of recognition.


  1. World crises is reflected from a piece of bread to houses and reaching all of us..
    Really hope to see RC bikes mrk growing..

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