Show Off: Monster Energy Kawasaki Atomik MM450

Here is a great looking Atomik MM450 replica Monster Energy Kawasaki by Mike McCall. The body and frame are all detailed with paint and stickers as well as the rider painted to match along with mirrored goggles too! Mike went all out on realistic details including Renthal handlebar pad, gas cap with vent hose, clutch and brake cable, shift lever, brake lever, rear shock with piggy back off a 1/8 scale inferno, and spring mounted body. Awesome job Mike!rear bike rider 2 rider and bike right side front rider full right side




  1. How it was made? Some special graph company or you just gave the stickers image and they print?
    I already bought a metalic spray to paint the glass but the rest of my bike I still not sure!
    Very good job!!
    Congrats Man!

  2. Guz, the graphics were made by an Individual in Australia who sold them. His website is no longer available (, however you can make your own as others have. You need a image editor and print on sticker sheets.

  3. Hi,

    Do you know if they ship this model to UAE? We have a lot of friends who would like to buy.

  4. Atomik MM450 was discontinued a year ago. Parts are not being produced. Custom tires and inserts must be made. I suggest looking into other bikes still for sale, like AR Racing ARX540, SKYRC SR4, ZD Racing Phantom 400, or Himoto MX400 rc dirt bikes. Sorry.

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