Steering Damper Ideas for SR4 and Phantom400 Bikes

The SR4 and Phantom 400 rc dirt bikes do not come with steering dampers, only a dual spring system like most other bikes. To help reduce front wheel shakes, here are some creative ways to mount a steering damper to these bikes. You have different options for mounting a damper based on its size. Options for you include a custom servo arm with correct length if damper is too long, extending the damper shaft length if damper is too short, or connecting a damper directly to original stock steering.

Example 1 – SR4 Bike, Atomik MM450/VMX450 steering damper, By Jaco Engelbrecht, aka BKing on RCGroups.

sr4 damper by Jaco Engelbrecht

Example 2 – SR4 Bike,  HPI Mt2 shock as steering damper, By Iain Temple, aka Templ8 on RCGroups

sr4 damper by Iain Temple

Example 3 – Phantom 400, Atomik MM450/VMX450 steering damper by Chris Jones, aka ThrottleJunkie on RCGroups.

phantom400 damper by Chris Jones


  1. Hi Sree,
    In rough dirt, they help with front wheel headshake. Owners say the steering feels more responsive, more direct, but smooth.

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