CSC-MX1 Custom RC Dirt Bike From Spain

Cesar is a well known bike designer on the RCGroups forums under the name of trf_414_m2. Most of his designs seem to be of 1/8 and 1/5 onroad rc bikes, but they are all very unique with original looking ideas. This project was a 1/4 rc dirt bike he called CSC-MX1 and showcases Cesar’s unique ideas perfectly. Great job Cesar. Took me forever to finally get his bike on the site! Here are some of the details:

  • Custom designed chassis and swingarm (waterjet cut then mill machined).
  • Ricky Carmichael Honda front end (design later updated to use advanced pivot steering – not shown in pictures).
  • Quanum aluminium steering levers
  • 04B chain and sprockets
  • NUova Faor spur gear and Novak Mod1 pinion
  • Custom designed electric gyro inside ARX rear wheel and Proline Badlands 1/8 tyre fitted at the rear.
  • Rear shock is a Traxxas GTR from a REVO car.
  • Custom body made from a 0.7mm lexan sheet.
  • Proline Stunt Steve rider figure.
  • Leaf spring side crash bars with rollers.
  • Custom bike stand.

I noticed that Cesar has started on a new project too! A 4 stroke, 3-speed supermotard version called CSC-MX2. Look forward to seeing that some day.


  1. Thank you very much for your interest on my designs. These bikes take a lot of time to be completed even with the help of 3D design/machining tools. They usually feature weird setups, like this one gyro wires through right side bearing (at the date, first bike ever…), and most of my 1/8 on road designs look closer to Transformers than to bikes, but that´s me…. Thanks again.

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