Show Off: Beautiful ARX540 Beautiful Photography

These ARX540 photos have been on the web for quite a few years. The bike looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor all shiny and new looking. The older style gold parts like swingarm and crash bar holders give the bike some nice eye candy. The body is trimmed with a very modern style and graphics are well done and realistic look. The body paint colors match the choice of using an older red/white Ricky Carmichael rider figure. The custom chest protector on the rider really makes this bike look unique though! These photos are the perfect combination of great looking bike and great photography. I assume the photos are from the same person. I wish I could tell you who crafted the details on this beautiful ARX540 rc dirt bike, but I could not find that information. Whoever did this, great job! This bike and photos are worthy of the showoff section on this site!


  1. Hey I’m in Australia just wondering were I can buy one of these arx 540s from thanks

  2. Daniel, The ARX540 is from AR Racing in Italy. Here is link to sight with English enabled They have different versions available, some with mechanical gyro and others with electric e-gyro for stability.

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