FPV First Person View Photos and Videos

While searching for rc dirt bike news I am always coming across some sort of quadcopter or drone advertising or videos. One area that seems to be really taking off for drones is FPV – first person view racing. I’ve come across a few rc dirt bike videos with the camera attached to the bike in the same way for a few years now thanks to the gopro cameras. So, I created a new video playlist for all the FPV videos on my RC Dirt Bike Action youtube channel.

The best videos come from the GoPro cameras I think thanks to the stabilization capabilities. Im sure newer action cameras are close to matching Gopro’s abilities though. The cheap stick cameras take choppy videos and with no stability look pretty bad in my opinion and are not worth it for this type of action videos. The second factor in video quality is the terrain the bike runs on. Smooth roads are the best giving very nice views, while offroad videos leave a lot to be desired with the bikes bouncing around producing dramatic shaking of the camera like an earthquake is happening.

Most videos replace the rider with a camera. However, Ive seem some videos where camera is attached to a modified rider so camera captures the arms of rider for a realistic view. I have another idea, which is to create a small visor attached below the camera lens to make the view look like it is actually attached to a helmet like real riders do. For offroad videos though, some type of new camera attachment with additional suspension stabilization seems necessary. to bring the quality level of offroad videos to same as the on road videos.

Below are some photos by Chris Haertel showing off the clarity of a Gopro3 and how his camera was mounted for videos. Thank you Chris. 😉

Finally, here are some videos from RC Dirt Bike FPV First Person View Youtube Playlist. First video is the SkyRc SR4 rc dirt bike with FPV driving using FatShark Predator 2 fpv combo. Actual FPV driving! It has been done!

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  1. Awesome videos! Its good to see videoclips like these. I have been wanting to view actual videos of a person driving, and this one is great!

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