White Redbull KTM ARX540

Here are some photos of a great looking ARX540 with white Redbull KTM graphics by user “Bimoto” on Baronerosso.it rc moto forum. This bike looks awesome and ready to rip the tracks. The stand out features of this bike to me aside from the body are the perfectly painted rider and engine decals on bike frame. Im surprised not many other owners have made up an engine sticker like this. You can view original forum post HERE and image gallery HERE.

bimoto arx-3

bimoto arx-4

bimoto arx-5

bimoto arx-6

bimoto arx-2

bimoto arx-1

One comment

  1. The picture of the motor is sweeet. I’ve thought of this too, but never shared the idea, so I’m glad someone did it.

    look up Jimmy at MOTOwraps to see if he can maybe produce these on high quality durable vinyl. If he could get the measurments from the maker and the file, maybe he could produce these for him and others? Just a thought.


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