Show Off: Chest Protector By Tarlo

Found some beautiful photos buried in the Italian forum of the most amazing UFO brand replica chest protector for ARX540 rider by user TarloRC. Tarlo made a vacuum forming machine for creating special lexan body pieces for other hobbies. Once he purchased an ARX540, he decided to create a chest protector for the rider. He used 0.5mm and 1mm PETg lexan sheets to vacuum form the pieces into shape. He uses Velcro to hold both front and back protectors together on the body. I am not sure how the arm pads are attached though. Photos shows off two versions – a protector attached to rider directly and a second one with protector attached to a mesh shirt. These photos are just too beautiful to keep hidden away on some forum. You can view the original thread at

TarloRC arx-2

TarloRC arx-9

TarloRC arx-4

TarloRC arx-3

TarloRC arx-5

TarloRC arx-6

TarloRC arx-10

TarloRC arx-11

TarloRC arx-12

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