Show Off: SR4 Ready For Battle

The SkyRC SR4 rc dirt bike has demonstrated to be very stabile with it’s e-gyro. Rich Tomlinson not only made his SR4 look great, but also added some key performance upgrades that should make it deadly on the track too. The bike comes stock with a plastic rider for strength to survive crashes, however Rich is using an Anderson M5 / Duratrax DX450 lexan rider. Rich painted the body yellow and added custom green digital camo graphics that match nicely with the bikes yellow and green components. A rolling wheelie bar is used to save the body work.

Rich has modified this SR4 with a working TTn (Thunder Tiger nitro bike) front brake, custom steering dampener, and Revo rear shock with custom friction dampener. This is the first SR4 I have seen with a working front brake! The steering dampener is from a RC10 front shock with 10wt oil and the upper fork triple clamp was cut and modified for damper leg clamp. The TTn front disk brake rotor was modified to fit stock hole pattern of SR4 hub with Traxxas shock shoulder bolts to locate. The lower fork axle clamp was belt sanded (a little at a time!) to fit caliper bracket. A small hole was drilled into plastic fork end with screw to mount caliper. Finally, a Hitec HSMG mini servo was mounted on a lexan base where receiver was located.

With enough space behind Rich’s house to make a track, hopefully some day we will see this bike in action ripping up the dirt and performing some precision block passes. Rich lives up the coast from me, so someday I may be the one eating that roost. 🙂 Great job Rich.

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