ARX 3D Details Emerge

Details have emerged from the Robot & Makers Milano Show this past June 6 & 7 in Italy regarding a collaboration between Filoalfa and AR Racing, of a partially 3d printable rc dirt bike named ARX 3D. The most detailed article about this collaboration so far is over at According to this article the ARX 3D will be available as a kit starting this summer. It will be offered in a 3D printable pack, which will also include the instructions, stickers, tires and other non-3D printed components in plastic such as the wheels, rider, lexan body, and metal components(front and rear forks, chain). The gyro is still located in back wheel like the ARX540 but no word if it is an e-gyro or mechanical gyro.
ARX 3D filoalfa-motoPhoto By

Photo by 3DPrintingIndustry.comPhoto By

Based on this new photo of the ARX 3D, there has been some major changes compared to previous sneak peak videos and photos. Media surfaced regarding a Model & Toy fair in 2014 where AR Racing demonstrated its products, including a prototype of the ARX 3D. That version of the bike had the 3d printed frame, exhaust, spoke wheels front and back and a gyro located in the frame instead of traditional placement in rear wheel. The video showed off impressive performance for a frame mounted gyro on 1/4 scale bike. While the spoke wheels looked nice, I think a 3d wheel with solid spokes would be far better in terms of maintainance and cost. No matter now because those spoke rims are not shown in the 2015 model. It is the change of location of gyro back to the rear wheel that is the biggest difference however. Placing the gyro back in the rear wheel means they will use the stock ARX wheels as before, and frame will be used like a stock ARX540 for location of battery. Seeing a rc dirt bike with spoke wheels and demonstrate balance in dirt (see video below) gave the 2014 prototype version a far more real 1:1 dirt bike scale and look to it than the 2015 version. I can only speculate what sort of decisions had to be made. Maybe those 2014 designs just need more time to develop and will be available as a printable option in the future.
2014 prototype version:

ARX 3D 2014 prototype
ARX 3D 2014 prototype

ARX 3D 2014 prototype
ARX 3D 2014 prototype

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  1. At least it will have direct steering. Would be nice to have a more realistic lexan body for it, something like the MM450 styling, and a spoked front wheel.

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