Inspiration and Ryan Villopoto Retiring

The motocross industry is on fire with news of Ryan Villopoto announcing his retirement from racing. His final season racing MXGP was a nicely hyped dream scenario but a crash resulting in his tail bone breaking stopped that from happening. RV wasn’t charismatic like James Stewart but RV made up for it in his racing ability. In 2011 when RV began his history-making 4 time supercross championship run I was just getting my first rc dirt bike – the VMX450 1/4 rc dirt bike. Watching RV slash his way around the track was amazing to watch and gave me inspiration in driving my rc bikes around the track but also for more realistic looking rc dirt bikes!

Immediately after purchasing my VMX450 in the beginning of 2011 I got the inspiration to make a replica Villopoto bike for my VMX450. It had the shape of a real dirt bike, but the styling with the silver painted rider and all black plastic parts made the VMX look too much like a toy. I must have spent about a month late in the nights working in the garage or on computer working out the details of the graphics and paint for the VMX body and rider. At the time of release no clear bodies for bike were available so my only choice was to apply paint and stickers to the outside of the stock body. I added some extra details like brake/clutch cables and handlebar pads and thought it looked awesome, but eventually would not hold up to the dirt and crashing from such a rc vehicle. My next attempt would need to be a proper replica made from a new clear body.
2011 Ryan Villopoto replica VMX450 1/4 scale

Two years later, midway through Ryan Villopoto’s dominance in mx and sx, Atomik would release the MM450 along with an e-gyro kit for my VMX450, which essentially converts it to the MM450 version. By this time Ryan had the #1 plate so I felt a proper 2013 replica was needed to go along with the e-gyro kit. The goal was to release something better than my 2011 replica. I also owned a Duratrax DX450 that I was going to sell and needed a new body painted before I put it on ebay. For the DX450 I used my prior 1/4 scale 2011 graphics from the VMX only with some heavy editing to get the graphics scaled down to 1/5 for the smaller body. As for my MM450, I made all new 2013 replica graphics. For the rider I decided to paint the gear and logos both by hand this time, instead of making stickers and gluing them to the foam rider like in 2011. A year later Atomik would announce it’s own retirement of sorts, stating they would no longer produce the VMX / MM450 rc dirt bike. What fools!
2011 Ryan Villopoto replica DX450 1/5 scale

2013 Ryan Villopoto replica MM450 1/4 scale

It is now July 2015 with news RV has retired and I find myself lacking inspiration. I have not ran my MM450 in over a year and a half, maybe close to two years now. Between house projects and family I’ve had little time for myself to just have some fun. Part of the reason for doing the replica bikes all along (and this website, facebook, youtube, etc) was to inspire others and push the hobby. There are no other websites like this, yet at times it feels like nothing Ive done has helped. The doubt and questions of whether it is worth it or not creeps in more and more. There are days where I want to go out just like RV and just shut this damn site down. I guess I should not be surprised for a hobby where I am the only one making a website dedicated to the hobby. Hello? Anyone out there? LOL.

So I sit here thinking about my MM450 collecting dust in the garage. I have two clear MM450 bodies sitting at home just waiting for some inspiration. Seeing the likes of James Stewart continue on to next season will be fun to watch. That is inspiring! I want to get back to having fun again with my rc dirt bike. Ryan Villopoto’s racing style will always inspire me when I take my rc bike out to the track but it’s time to move on with new inspirations. I think I know who my next replica is going to be. Stay tuned…

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  1. Very interested in getting this sport happening in Australia, Gold Coast.
    Need to get kids interested in more outdoors sports even with a remote control.
    The model dealers here dont promote RC DIRTBIKES because they say kids are interested in car’s and buggies!
    They are not promoting these dirt bikes and ther are purpose built places here on the Gold Coast that could be utilized for the promotion and sales of these great products.
    Please provide feedback if you would like to sales and promotion of RC dkrt bikes.
    Kieran A Ryan

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