Show Off: Amazing SR4 2014 Works Bike

Subtitle – PROJECT FLYING PIG SR4 (2014 Edition)
Imagine being a pro motocross factory racing team with a highly skilled machinist ready to make any part necessary to improve the bike’s performance. The term “Works” bike with custom fabricated parts comes to mind. These are the closest ideas I could write to describe the work Mal King in Australia has done on his SkyRC SR4 rc dirt bike. The styling of the project is based on a 87 Honda CR500, so that should give you an idea of Mal’s mindset for this project. Mal has put in a huge amount of time and effort to improve running and reliability of the SR4 which he has named “Project Flying Pig.”

If SKYRC ever were to release a pro factory “works” edition of the SR4, THIS WOULD BE IT. Seriously, SKYRC needs to inspect this bike for upgrade parts to release. Every aspect of this bike was pushed to it’s limits. Mal is aggressive with the throttle and when a problem was found Mal fabricated a part to fix it. Front suspension, rear suspension, chassis, steering components, etc were all worked on. Just the fabrication alone is incredible but there are some beautiful details as well including bored out and painted MX400 front wheel, throttle / brake cables and realistic exhaust. Mal’s work is nothing short of amazing. Of course a “works” bike needs a proper mechanics pit area so Mal created a handy bike station to secure bike while worked on. Great idea! There are so many little aspects of this project that strengthen the frame or replace plastic bearing retainers I just don’t have the space to go into detail on. However, you can find all the little details in the project thread on RCGroups HERE. Let me list out some of the main features as of completion in 2014:

    – Rear swing arm brace plate.
    – Chassis mod for 15mm extra rear wheel travel.
    – Moved battery forward 10mm for more weight over front end and to give added rear travel.
    – Added a couple extra bolts to battery holder to stiffen lower chassis.
    – Custom cro-moly tig welded wheelie bar.
    – Replaced plastic with custom metal bearing retainers for swingarm drive axle.
    – Additional bracing near swing arm pivot.
    – Paint and polish chassis plates.
    Front End
    – Replaced stock forks with complete Atomik MM450 forks.
    – Standard SR4 alloy upgrade triples bored out to 17mm to fit Atomik fork tubes.
    – Bronze spacers and allow front wheel axle bolt.
    – Himoto MX400 six spoke front wheel hollowed out with front disk, and tire.
    Rear end
    – Integy 16 mm big bore 93mm (stock is 68mm).
    – Custom upper rear shock mount for 16mm bb shock.
    – Rubber shock guard on swingarm.
    – Custom shock springs of various rates out of piano wire.
    – Duratrax DXR steering damper
    – Integy servo horn
    – Stock esc.
    – 3s battery.
    – 25kg torque steering servo.
    Other Details
    – Realistic brake and clutch cables.
    – Heavy duty shrink wrap e-gyro wires all the way down to solder terminals.
    – HPI rider figure with custom mount hardware (old rider for ARX540 and used on Phantom 400).
    – Painted rear swingarm.
    – Custom body stickers.
    – Homemade bike work station.
    – Nylon slide crash bars.
    – Decorative exhaust pipe.

Additional photos can be viewed at the RC Dirt Bike Action facebook page.

Check out a large collection of videos of this SR4 in action at the owner’s YOUTUBE channel. Great job King! (Sorry it took so long to get this posted!)

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