X-Rider BX4 1/4 Rc Dirt Bike Released

Recently released is the X-Rider BX4 1/4 scale rc dirt bike with primary support and sales at AsiaTees.com located in Hong Kong. It is also available here in the USA at 2WheelHobbies.com. You can find more details on the X-Rider BX4 page.

X-Rider BX4 is available in both motard and offroad versions.

The BX4 comes ready to run in motard and offroad options. It includes an e-gyro with the same swingarm design as the ARX540 from AR Racing. Body, frame, wheels, tires, rider figure all look identical to the AR Racing ARX540 rc bike that has been on the market since 2007. Is the BX4 an exact clone with maybe just some changes in materials used and different electronics installed?

I am conflicted over the release of this bike though. On the one hand this hobby desperately needs to grow so it is nice to see affordable options available. On the other hand, however, are the problems this may cause for AR Racing if there was no deal made with X-RIDER / AsiaTees. Eventually ARX540 owners will order BX4 parts and find out if they are an exact match in fit and quality. Who can blame them for wanting more affordable parts? Time will tell.

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