Custom Nitro 1/5 RC Dirt Bike

If you are a fan of the Anderson M5 Cross 1/5 rc dirt bike (aka DX450 here in the US), but wish there were a nitro option, then this may be a project worth attempting. Otherwise, just enjoy some photos and videos of a cool nitro bike down below. Details are based on some photos and comments made a few years ago over at the RCGroups forum for rc motorcycles. Bike owner is an Ian G. over in UK. Thanks to J.B. for sharing photos!

It is essentially a 1/5 TTn (Thunder Tiger nitro road bike) with the front and rear suspension sets from the M5, or a re-worked M5 with a TTn middle. Custom carbon frames were cut and made for the job, Spur is TTn. Bike uses an OS .15 CVR engine. Fuel tank is a tinplate creation. Rear brake is setup on clutch bell. The exhaust was subtly tweaked. It is a little wider than a stock M5, but the photos show most of what was done (albeit a little on the muddy side). The standard M5 frames were found to be no use in this situation.

Bike looks like a blast to play with. Check out these videos…

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