Axial Teases RC Dirt Bike Announces Trophy Truck

On Tuesday October 6th Axial Racing teased on their Twitter page Axialrc a photo of what appears to be a front spoke rim with knobby tire for an rc dirt bike leaning along side some rc truck tires and a SCORE International logo in the background. The tweet message was “Who is ready for the weekend? GET READY big news Friday! Going for whoops! #SCOREInternational #DesertRacing #Axial.” Soon after, Big Squid RC and RC Car Action both interpreted this teaser photo from Axial as a possible announcement of an rc dirt bike on Friday.

axial rc dirt bike teaser


Inspecting this teaser photo shows what looks like a front spoke wheel and tire for an rc dirt bike. There is only one commericially available spoke rim for rc dirt bikes and it is on the 1/4 scale Nuova Faor CSF 411 from Italy. Close inspection of the CSF411 wheel hub design shows it is nothing close to what is in the Axial teaser photo. The second observation is about the size of this mystery dirt bike tire. The question I have is what are those rc truck tires included in the sneak peak photo? Here is a big leap, but if the truck tires being teased in the photo are from the announced 4×4 vehicle (see below), then those truck tires are 1/10 scale tires for a 2.2/3.0 rim. Similar tires compatible with the announced vehicle being teased have a diameter of 104mm. If the dirt bike tire is smaller than a truck tire of 104mm, the dirt bike tire scales that match closest are 1/7 scale front mx tire of 99mm or 1/8 scale at 87mm. For reference, a 1/4 scale rc dirt bike front tire ranges from 160mm to 180mm.

CSF411 1/4 scale front wheel design. Photo by
CSF411 Front Wheel Sold at


After a few anxious days of waiting Axial came out with the big announcement for Friday, October 9th – a 1/10 Yeti Trophy Truck. It looks awesome, and appears to be the first of its kind commercially available, but Im no expert on rc trucks available. Nonetheless, congratulations to Axial but… aside from the truck tires, the most obvious item RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF THE PHOTO is missing from any announcement. When asked on Axial’s facebook page if any more announcements would occur the response was “This isn’t enough? The Trophy Truck is Awesome!” and followed up with “Axial never said anything about a dirt bike 🙂”  Well, Axial didn’t say anything, hence being a tease to wait until Friday! In fact, even RC Car Action in its announcement for the Axial Troph Truck made it obvious how this announced truck was nothing like a dirt bike they teased in Twitter photo.

Some speculate this tease was probably only a test to see what kind of reaction or interest in a dirt bike Axial would get. Well, let me point out that this photo teased by Axial was done on their Twitter page only, not Facebook nor was it mentioned on Axial’s website. The Axial Twitter page only has 1354 followers, but it has over 210k likes of its facebook page. If you were going to find out if a new product would interest your audience, would you post it on a more obscure Twitter page with 1354 followers or on Facebook with 210000 likes? Maybe they figured enough shares of the Twitter feed to sites like RC Car Action and Big Squid would be enough?

Whatever Axials plans are, the rc dirt bike hobby would benefit from such a company’s involvement. My concern is if Axial’s dirt bike wheel is 1/8 then the scale would be the opposite direction in scale to what all the past and current set of rc dirt bikes use from 1/4, 1/4.5 and 1/5 scales. 1/8 scale would be unique but I feel it would seem very limiting in terms of use. Not small enough to run in the garage, but too small to handle typical bumps, little rocks found offroad, or even just running in grass at the park that is a bit too tall for a 1/8 bike but no big deal for a 1/4 scale bike. Based on the SCORE INTERNATIONAL logo and some offroad videos Axial posted on Facebook, that Axial might announce something different from a typical motocross bike, but rather something that would race at a BAJA 1000 or Dakar rally. Having an additional 1/4 bike would mean the Axial bike could run with all the current brands together instead of isolating themselves if the scale is outside the norm. Below is a photo of an AR RACING ARX540 by Lito Reyes with some clever use of a 1/5 road bike fairing to give it an adventure bike look. It’s too bad Axial had nothing to announce for the rc bike community. Enjoy this ARX540 bike photo instead…

ARX540. Photo by Lito Reyes.
ARX540. Photo by Lito Reyes.


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