SKYRC Super Rider SR5


SKYRC has updated its Super Rider 1/4 bike from SR4 model to SR5. The SKYRC SR5 website looks identical to the SR4 website except for the updated “rendered” photos of the bike (notice missing servo on the images). Bike itself appears the same and specifications look to match the SR4 with only exception being the weight was increased to 3040g. Visually the rider has been updated to a more realistic looking motocross rider with a very nice looking helmet as well as some updated bike graphics. I will update the SKYRC SR5 PAGE as more information becomes available.



Below is a video I found from August of someone testing the SR5 version. It is pretty cool to see as the bike appears to be running without crashbars.

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  1. i have recently acquired a sky sr5 bike and am quite pleased with it downsides so far are to get at gyro. settings you have to remove rider to achieve this you have to remove bolt that holds rider in place to achieve thios the bolt is uunder the body shell you need d four pair of hands to achive this. a problem i am having at the moment is the machine screw that holds the front forks to the axle hub shown as part no.ab-a041 has come out and i have been in touch with both uk suppliers and neither have beeen able to supply me with this info. any help greatly recieved. thanks

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