Unfinished Project – M5 Modified Frame

The internet is a great source for sharing projects. Sometimes though, inspiration fades, motivations change, or life gets in the way. It is great discovering rc dirt bike projects on rc forums. Sometimes however, it is a real disappointment finding these projects, reading the posts and seeing photos of progress only to get an abrupt end without any final result. No! What happened? Did it get finished? Im sure we have all found projects like that searching the web. I am guilty too with updates to this site. 😦 So that is the idea of this post – to share a cool rc bike project that would have been awesome to see working but never got finished.

I have collected some photos of a project by owner Timmahh back in 2010-2011 who owned a DX450 / M5 rc dirt bike. You can see the original thread at RCGroups. His intent was to redesign the frame to give this 1/5 dirt bike more suspension travel by removing the bottom battery tray and moving the battery higher up into the frame. Instead of using a single stick battery he would fit a saddle pack battery instead. Check out the increased suspension travel this mod improves on compared to a stock M5! Would it drastically improve performance? Unfortunately, just when the project was shaping up the owner abandoned. I used to own the same bike so when I first followed this owners idea back in 2010 I was very excited about the idea. I still think about this project and what these changes could have done to performance of this bike. Like I said, no fault on the owner for not continuing. I thought it was a brilliant idea worth sharing! Any M5 / DX450 owners willing to try this? 🙂

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