Can it be true? It appears the VMX450 rc bike is resurrected from the ashes Venom/Atomik left behind. The story goes when Atomik abandoned(!) production of the VMX450 / MM450 bikes the tooling was left behind in China. An unknown company must have acquired everything to start back making the VMX450. The VMX450 originally was equipped with a mechanical gyro in the back wheel and released a separate e-gyro upgrade kit just before the bike was rebranded as the MM450. The good news with this new production of the VMX450 is it appears to come with the important upgraded e-gyro. The kit is NOT ready-to-run like the original – no motor, no radio system, no e-gyro controller. Only a steering servo comes with kit for electronics. To control the e-gyro, a separate gyro esc and servo tester can be used as described in a previous article I wrote.

You can find the VM450 for sale at RC-MOTORRADSHOP.DE located in Germany. The site is in German, so the following link is to the Google English translated version of RC-MOTORRADSHOP.DE

VMX450 Resurrected
VMX450 Resurrected


  1. Did anyone ever figure who is distributing these now or who the manufacturer is? I wouldn’t mind selling them in my shop.

  2. Yeah it might be. Taobao is the Chinese ebay but is almost impossible to use for people outside of China. You need to get an agent who may or may not rip you off.

  3. Absolute rubbish, I bought one years ago, first run gyro melted!!!! New upgraded metal parts sent out straight away, gyro worked ok but it was a useless model. Try to set off gently was impossible just used to flip over, resulting in ripping back end off and riders head!
    Slacking off the clutch helped and was usable but soon melted the clutch and clutch drive sprocket because of slippage. Had a engineer make me a clutch sprocket out of brass, so it would last but gave up on the model eventually. Total waste of money, in all I must have spent £600 including spare parts…….good riddance.
    Then like a fool, I spent £450 on a second hand glow powered Italian made rc motocross model (can’t remember the make) that was a total money pit too…….get a rc plane instead and learn to fly.

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