Show Off: VMX450 Sidecar by Pascal

For any of you into off road sidecars, also known as side hacks, this conversion of a VMX450 1/4 rc dirt bike should be inspiring. This conversion is from Pascal who goes by AYP on the forums. The sidecar Pascal built looks great and really strong. It includes an Anderson M5 wheel with suspension for the poor rider holding on for dear life. The other amazing work on this conversion is the custom Earles leading link front fork suspension.

Based on Pascal’s comments (translated), the sidecar sounds like a challenge to drive – “Driving is not easy basket with inertia. (When) accelerated, it goes right, it slows down, it goes left.”

Build Modifications:
– 3500kv motor 4-pole + cooling fins.
– ESC 120 A, programmed with 60% of engine braking.
– servo 20Kg.
– 1.5 Kg of lead instead of the gyro.
– 0.8 kg in the basket wheel (wheel M5).
– steering damper replaced with servo saver for better steering.

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