Trick M5 Supermoto Bikes From France

While the Anderson M5 was developed as a rc dirt bike, it can also be configured to a fun supermoto / motard bike. Drifting on pavement or a slick surfaces is just as fun as in dirt. For a number of years after release, there were rc races for supermoto in the UK and France. The French rc website AUTORCNEWSMODELISME.FR has covered some race events on some beautiful tracks for the M5 supermoto class. (Note: Look for the M5 supermoto race videos I have collected on my YOUTUBE SUPERMOTO PLAYLIST.)

One great aspect of racing for the hobby of rc bikes is in the improvement of performance of these bikes. The design of the M5 also allowed for individuals to easily modify the bike. You can really see how exciting these bikes work in the video playlist I mentioned above. I know that this post is a little out of date and I don’t think there are M5 racing still going on, but the point is sharing some of the great modifications people have done!

With that said, I would like to share some cool modifications M5 owners have made. The type of mods you can see in the below photos include: rear suspension angle changes, upgraded rear shock, rear shock travel limiter, frame adjuster, 1/5 road bike front wheels/tires, and chain tension adjuster.

All photos are the rights of AUTORCNEWSMODELISME.FR
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