Promote the hobby of rc dirt bikes and rc dirt bike racing through this website, facebook, and youtube.

The Youtube channel RCDirtBikeAction I created is the biggest channel ever devoted soley to videos of rc dirt bikes! Channel has over 160 videos from owners around the world sorted into playlists including: racing, track sessions, how-to’s, bashing/freestyle, and motard/supermoto. Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/user/RCDirtBikeAction

Finally, the Facebook page RC Dirt Bike Action Ive created is a relaxed social site to talk about the hobby. Join us at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001878172408#!/pages/RC-Dirt-Bike-Action/406252546071085


I grew up riding dirt bikes and playing with rc buggies as a kid. Fast forward 20 yrs (yikes!) to 2010 when I got interested in rc again and saw the hobby of rc dirt bikes. My first bike was the Venom VMX450, and later in 2011, I purchased a used Duratrax DX450. The forums at RCGROUPS has an awesome community of rc dirt bikers. What I found lacking was the support of these bikes on the internet. Sure, the street bike websites out there report on latest news, but its not the focus.

I felt like those in the hobby are great enthusiasts, but there was no organized effort to help promote the hobby outside of the forum discussions. I found nothing for rc dirt bikes. Another issue I found was I really want to race these rc dirt bikes but theres nothing going on anywhere in USA! The Germans started racing Ricky Carmichael bikes in 2006 and the Italians with AlpenCup in 2008, but nothing in USA? Ridiculous! For the last year I worked on getting youtube and facebook going. The final piece is this website. I’m just a fan looking to promote this cool hobby and to help get racing going. Nobody else is going to do it, so I will, and I hope you join me.

John (aka JohnnyMc)